FAB Universal Corporation is a leader in global digital media distribution, serving customers worldwide through Digital Media Services, Retail Media Sales and Wholesale Media Distribution.

In 2011, Wizzard Software (NYSE MKT: WZE) announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire Digital Entertainment International Ltd. (FAB). On September 27, 2012 the Company announced that it had closed on the acquisition and together Wizzard and FAB plan to become the global leader in digital media through the newly formed FAB Universal Corporation. The company’s ticker symbol will change from NYSE MKT:WZE to NYSE MKT:FU, effective October 9th, 2012.

FAB Universal Corporation leverages the expertise of digital media distribution from Wizzard and the toll booth for the worlds emerging markets through FAB’s intelligent media kiosks networks. Distributing billions of shows, more than most companies in the world, Wizzard is the leader in digital media distribution. FAB’s proven execution and rapid growth model has sold millions of dollars worth of digital media via continually expanding kiosks networks. The resulting combination affords a high-growth distribution and revenue generation model for expanding market share in emerging markets globally.

FAB Universal Corporation plans to aggressively expand through internal growth and worldwide acquisitions over the next two years to build a global distribution powerhouse for mobile digital entertainment.

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